Ask LH: How Can I Automate My Fitness Tracking?

Hi Lifehacker, I keep a log of my fitness activities, such as how far I swim, how far I run, and how far I ride, in Excel just so I can compare my week to week distances and progress. This is a bit of a tedious process as you can imagine, so I was looking to streamline the process, possibly using a FitBit or a similar device.

I’m not trying to lose weight, just monitor my different sports in one spot, so food tracking and sleep tracking isn’t a concern of mine. Can you recommend any devices or applications, especially with multisport functions on them (and a bonus if they can be used in the pool!) Thanks, Tracker

Dear Tracker,

Fitness tracking is a huge business and there’s no shortage of options open to you in order to keep detailed statistics, whether you opt to go for a dedicated device such as the FitBit or a tracking app such as RunKeeper or Endomondo for smartphones. Regular Lifehacker editor Gus and Gizmodo’s Luke Hopewell covered off travel fitness gadgets just yesterday, so that’s a good place to start. Gizmodo also covers fitness gadgets all the time, so you’re really spoilt for choice.

That having been said, I’m a horribly unfit desk warrior — something I really should address — and as such not entirely qualified to give lots of personal experience advice or expertise. So I’m going to throw this one over to the more fitness-aware Lifehacker readers out there. What tracking solution do you use, and why?


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