Ask LH: Can I Safely Find Older Android Packages?

Ask LH: Can I Safely Find Older Android Packages?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a rooted Nook Simple Touch running Android 2.1, and it is not upgradeable beyond that. There are some reader apps that used to work on 2.1, but have since been updated to newer versions that no longer support 2.1. Is there a safe or legitimate place for me to find the older versions of these apps? Or am I left to scour the jungles of the web for a loose APK? Thanks, Old App Finder

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Dear OAF,

Searching for APK files isn’t difficult, but you run a substantial risk of installing malware. Eschew the Google route and head directly to the developers’ websites. If you’re lucky, their downloads list may include previous versions of each app.

Otherwise we advise exercising extreme caution — ultimately, Android 2.1 is very old technology. Meanwhile, there are plenty of newer, relatively cheap devices on the market that are capable of running newer releases.

If you’d prefer to stick with your Nook, we recommend this Android 2.1 reader app guide from our colleagues in the US. Good luck!


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  • There is also F-Droid. It only has free open source apps, but many of the apps have older versions to download. Those older versions might be able to work with 2.1.

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