Ampersands And Sheepskin: The Mid-Century Modern Workspace

Lifehacker reader DarthCena, describes her home office as "Mid-Century Modern Nerd". With accents like an authentic mid-century modern Danish desk, Herman Miller Eames chair and sheepskin chair cover, this workspace definitely earns that title. It's a refined office that showcases Cristina's sharp eye and love of design.

She writes:

The other side of my office has my lightbox, which is made from a 30-gallon clear plastic container, some white paper and two lamps from Target. Next to it my Star Wars figurines are on display in an IKEA BERTBY case. The white IKEA EXPEDIT shelving unit adds extra storage for my books, decor, supplies and scrapbooks.

You can see more pics of her very tidy and clean workspace on her Lovely Interiors blog.

Mid-Century Modern Nerd [Lovely Interiors]


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