Adblock Plus Android App Relaunched, Now Offers Automatic Updates

The team behind Adblock Plus isn't taking Google's decision to pull ad-blocking apps from Google Play lying down. Today it has unveiled a new version that bypasses Google Play for updates, offers more ad-blocking features, and can be downloaded and installed directly.

Even if you already have Adblock Plus installed, you'll want to get the latest version. It comes with automatic updates, so as filtering rules improve and new features are added, you'll get them as soon as they're available. The new version also blends better with Android's Holo UI.

To grab the app, hit the link below. You'll need to sideload the app to install it, meaning you should either download the APK installer on your phone or save the APK file somewhere you can copy it to your phone (like Dropbox, for example).

Install AdBlock Plus for Android [via Adblock Plus]


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