'You Can't Build A Reputation On What You're Going To Do'

It's easy to be lured into a false sense of security based on what we intend to do. This Henry Ford quote reminds us that in the eyes of others plans are just a means to an end.

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Plans are wonderful and necessary for success — but only if you fulfil them. The rest of the world doesn't know what you plan to accomplish in the next few months. So make some of those plans a reality. Show them what you've got.

Ultimately, we're all measured by what we've done.

Reputation [Swiss Miss]


    Something to go along with this article is the Ted talk video about keeping goals to oneself. Can't link it because I'm on my phone but if you do a Google search you can watch the video. It talks about how people are less likely to follow through with their plans/goals if they tell someone about it.

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