Wife Suffering From PMS? There’s An Online Store For That

Wife Suffering From PMS? There’s An Online Store For That

There are few life hacks more essential than placating a lady during her time of the month. One wrong move can see the love of your life instantly transformed into a wailing Deadite nightmare capable of eviscerating a man’s soul in seconds. (I speak from experience.) Thankfully, a new online store has sprung into existence — possibly from the lifeblood of doddering husbands — to help soothe this savage beast.

Time Of The Month (TOTM) is an Australian-owned online store that sells a range of gifts aimed exclusively at women suffering from PMS and related ailments. No, really.

In the words of the website: “TOTM’s aim is to offer funny, tasteful gifts that are great value and can bring a smile to any woman’s face. So rather than hiding behind the sofa when it’s her time of the month, you can make her smile with a thoughtful, funny, perfectly timed present.”

Gifts range from novelty cards to luxurious pamper packs, with prices starting at $2.99 (plus a $12 flat delivery fee). Once you’ve selected a gift, the website will send out a card informing your loved one that a surprise is on the way.

Naturally, gauging the delivery to coincide with her cycle is going to be the tricky part — if she’s expecting a gift and it doesn’t show up on time, you’ll probably be worse off than if you hadn’t bothered at all.

We’re curious to know what our female readers think about this. Would a PMS gift make you feel special and act as a soothing menstrual balm? Or would you find the whole thing a bit weird and creepy?



  • As a person in possession of lady-parts, I’m going to possibly betray my gender and say I think this kind of gimmick is pretty abhorrent, and I always hate it.

    If I am in the process of experiencing THE MOST HARDCORE METAL 3-5 DAYS OF EVERY MONTH, DURING WHICH MOTHER NATURE’S RAIN OF SACRIFICIAL BLOOD AND AGONY SHALL SUFFICE MY ENTIRE BEING, I absolutely do not want someone giving me things because they are wary of my biologically-unavoidable occasional wrath.

    Just be patient, call me out if I am truly being outlandishly unpleasant, and don’t be a douchecanoe. It’s really not a difficult concept.

    • I’m in agreement. Scaremongering around women’s cycles is as bad as pretending that they don’t happen and that some people don’t experience horrible life-impacting pain/symptoms during their cycle. I can see the idea is intended in good faith, but I think that it overall contributes to an existing problem rather than does anything to solve it.

    • Wow, self. Way to go on the typos. “Suffice” should be “suffuse”. Let’s all pretend that didn’t happen, and that my e-credibility is still intact.

    • I HATE sites like this too. My natural cycle isn’t something to be mocked and trivialized either. No amount of chocolates or flowers is going to take away the fact that I am in pain and uncomfortable but understanding and compassion will go a long way.

    • You know what I find more objectionable? The implication that a woman should get gifts just because of a biological imperative. “Oh great goddess of fertility, your unholy curse abhors me and I shall shower gifts upon you to apologise for this terrible tragedy!”

      Also, I know I’m going to get shit for this but I don’t care: before my kidney transplant I spent years on dialysis. Don’t try to tell me that “PMS” even compares to that. So no, I have no sympathy. It’s unpleasant I’m sure but just get on with your life. I certainly never used dialysis as an excuse to act poorly.

      • I don’t think dialysis and monthly cycles are comparable on any level at all. Dialysis is an intense medical treatment, while menstruation is a natural occurence.

        Most women do just get on with their lives. It’s usually the ladies who are bedbound a few days each month due to crippling pain who have the most issues, and that’s where doctors come in. Yeah the mood swings happen, but you can’t fight hormones, and you don’t feel better having been ‘placated’ with cheap gifts – and we (well most people anyway, you’ll always have outliers) absolutely don’t have it in our heads we deserve special treatment above a *little* extra tolerance from our partners.

        • I know or have known *many* women who act moody / bitchy and excuse themselves for it later on the basis that it was their time of the month, and zero who actually have these ‘crippling’ side effects. It seems to me it’s a lot like the excuses people make for being overweight; less than 2% of people actually have thyroid issues, but you hear them mentioned 98% of the time.


    I’d like to point out that chocolate only alleviates menstrual pain and tension for a very, very small portion of women. It’s an urban myth on the level of “Windex will clear up pimples”.

  • It’s also worth mentioning that the implication of this is all very heteronormative and assumptive about what kind of people have menstrual cycles. It makes people who are queer, transgendered or genderqueer invisible through the assumptions being made – that also makes me uncomfortable.

    • You make a good point – as a hetero ladytype, I did not think of this, and I feel slightly bad for it.

      I think we’ve established, in general, that this is a stupid idea and its creators should feel stupid.


    • assumptive about what kind of people have menstrual cycles

      Sorry, what? I was under the assumption that only women have menstrual cycles, regardless of sexual orientation. And is there a reason why lesbians can’t buy gifts for their partners when it’s their time of the month?

      • There are people whose sex is female, but they identify as men. If they identify as a man, they’re a man with a menstrual cycle. There are as many variations of this as there are people who feel strict binary gender roles don’t fit them.

        Secondly, women buying gifts for their female partners having their period is dumb for the reasons its dumb if men do it. Most women don’t want gifts to make them feel guilty if they are snappy, or to ‘placate’ them, they just want a few days where their partner is a little more tolerant of grumpiness or mood swings than usual. Also, it encourages stereotypes surrounding the menstrual cycle. It’s not a big deal for most women, there are just some that get really screwed over in the hormones and pain department, and cheap gifts aren’t gonna make that any better, no matter what gender their partner is.

        • If they identify as a man, they’re a man with a menstrual cycle

          Sorry but I don’t buy that. You can identify as a man as much as you want, and that’s fine, but you’re still biologically female and menstruation is exclusively a female process. You’re not a man with a menstrual cycle, you’re a woman with a menstrual cycle, who happens to identify as a man.

  • Ordinarily I wouldn’t preface my posts with “I’m a woman”, but considering the subject of this article I think it’s necessary, otherwise people might misunderstand my post and call me a misogynistic prick.

    I don’t think people should be buying gifts for their partner when she’s menstruating. Sure, it’s uncomfortable and some women occasionally have mood swings from the hormones (more on that later), but giving gifts and hiding away and hoping for the best is not the best way to deal with things. Just be compassionate, help around the house, get a hot water bottle and some ibuprofen, and maybe give your partner a back rub (or a massage where-ever else she may want it. And no, I’m not being suggestive. A massage can help). I can assure you, this sort of thing will go much further than a couple of crappy gifts. Doing what I suggested shows you’re thinking about your partner and her well-being, whereas buying these gifts could be misconstrued as a guy just wanting to keep his head from being bitten off. Which would you prefer? 😉

    As for the hormones and mood swings, I recall reading somewhere that very few women actually suffer from serious mood swings during menstruation. Personally I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve had serious mood swings, and considering I’m 27 that’s saying something. Of course, that’s not to say mood swings don’t happen (it can and does), but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to act like a b****.

  • I disagree with the vast majority of comments here, and choose positivity over wrath and outrage.

    I can easily see how the site’s owners could see a market opportunity here (for male or female customers). Being on the delivery end of bad treatment can make you feel completely helpless, and a bit like an emotional punching bag. The soft target for when your partner is feeling crap. This feeling increases when you know you are being patient and understanding, and still being treated poorly.

    Taking that feeling of helplessness and turning it into a potential positive by showing you care through a gift is not IMHO a negative. The gift and patience/understanding are not mutually exclusive – they go hand in hand, and if done tastefully from time to time can be a genuine way of reaching out above and beyond the normal methods of coping.

  • I don’t find the site all that offensive. The seem to have some nice products. Tea and heat packs for example are helpful, and some nice smelling lotions can make you feel pampered when you really need a boost.

    That said, I think gifts are unnecessary. And blindly picking something from a website isn’t the best idea anyway. If you feel helpless and like you’re getting snapped at all the time, then maybe its time to talk about this with your partner. (At some other time of the month, probably. lol) I think that is a huge part of the “pms issue” – most guys don’t want to talk about it with their partners. Its like this taboo subject. Periods. They don’t want to know so they avoid the issue and don’t know when their partner is due on and so the “pms” kinda takes them unawares.

    Sit down with your partner and ask them about their period. Some women have very light period with no pain and they breeze through it each month and won’t need anything from you except maybe some patience. Some have super heavy ones with agonizing pain and headaches and cramps. All women are different. So ask them. Ask when in the month their cycle usually starts and how long it usually lasts and if its painful or not. Ask what they need during their period and help out a little more during that time with whatever you partner says will make her feel less bloated and sore. Pay attention, and notice if your partner is rubbing her back or pelvis or head or if she is feeling nauseus or her breasts are aching or anything else that is symptom and bring her tea or ibuprofen or a heat pack. 🙂

  • I don’t understand this whole fear of periods men seem to have, and the reluctance to talk to their partners about it. I’ve never really suffered from the PMS mood swings, but I guess if my boyfriend was being a dick when he should know I’m not feeling well, yeah I’d be pissed off. Me and my boyfriend are very open about it. He understands that it’s not a pleasant time for me and if he notices I’m in pain he’ll get me some panadol and a hot water bottle. I’d really rather he just be understanding and patient than throw condescending gifts at me. Though I should probably mention that pamper packages are not my thing so it really wouldn’t make sense for him to buy one for me 😛

  • While going through Google analytics this week for the first time, what a surprise it was see the website Life Hacker, and article written by Chris Jager mentioning our online gift business. TOTM.com.au

    For a start up business that launched 7 weeks ago today (12/03/2013) and at (8/02/2013) when the article was written, and a little over a week after our launch, the Life Hacker article brought a significant amount of traffic to our TOTM.com.au website. 400 unique visitors so we thank you Chris and all who commented.

    We took notice to the negative and positive feedback about what we do. Some described our website as gimmickry. Other’s used language such as abhorrent and condescending to describe our reason for being. . While some seem to understand the concept completely. Thank you Anon.

    We thought we would take the time to explain why we decided on this e-commerce business.
    The idea is to lighten the mood when we are not feeling 100%. Periods aren’t going anywhere. All woman from as early as 11 yrs old to 50 yr old will experience them. The issue needs to be taken out of the dark ages and into the new millennium. For men to stop running away and hiding when we are on ours and approach it from a different perspective. It’s not about giving someone a gift because they are on their period. It’s about caring and kindness. Knowing how your love ones feel during that time and wanting to lighten their mood and do something caring for them. For some a foot rub is caring gesture and that would suffice too. We just took it a step further to provide items on a website that could also assist in alleviating some of the burden of our periods.

    Which woman on this forum would knock back an unexpected gift from a loved one that knows she has a difficult period? Which woman would say oh that’s horrible how can someone be so annoyingly kind to me? The items chosen by the caring giver, arrives beautifully gift wrapped with a personal message if you wish. The gifts were carefully chosen to make a person feel better. Items such as herbal teas, organic chocolate and beautiful soft bath sponges to wash your skin and delicious soothing lotions to apply afterwards. What is condescending about that?
    Our website is for those people who are extra caring for the people they share their lives with. Whether it’s a father/mother buying for daughters, or sister buying for sister, Aunts buy for nieces, boyfriend buying for girlfriend, husband buying for wives, colleagues buying for testy boss who may or may not be on their TOTM. Or just because you feel like doing something kind for someone else.

    Finally, over the course of 2 yrs we researched over 1000 people, men and women covering most aspects about women’s periods. Some of those aspects were whether or not the women had cravings. What they craved. What would be the ultimate care factor for when you were on your period? We asked if the women experienced cramping, headaches, mood swings or nausea and what relieved those feelings. We asked men a number of questions too about what they did when their women were on their periods. The research response from the men was entertaining and highly comical from our perspective. However, the day we decided to conceptualize a business about TOTM was just over 2yrs ago and very personal experience for me and my niece. That’s another story, a big one for another time and remains as a major factor in why we exist.

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