What Helpful Items Do You Store In Your Car?

Cars are good for a lot more than just porting us around. As redditor bendy36 notes, they can store a lot of useful stuff.

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Bendy36 keeps deodorant, sunscreen and a small bottle of tomato sauce in his car, as those items are apparently what he needs to have around at all times. What are yours?

Useful items to store in your car? [Reddit]


    Basic tools, water, change of clothes, towel.

    Jumper leads, picnic blanket, ball, packing tape, towel, rope.

    I keep nothing at all in my car. So the 3 times my car has been broken into at the train station, the thieves would have been very disappointed. The 2nd time it was broken into they stole the service book, so don't even have that in the car anymore.

    Shovel, rope, bleach.....
    Nah, seriously just a spare tyre, a car cover that i've never used, rain jacket and my indoor cricket gear.

      Well I keep a pack of cable ties. They are infinitely useful despite the suspicion aroused by keeping a pack in the car...

    Towel, smallish tarpaulin (which doubles as a boot floor cover) and a first aid kit of somewhat uncertain contents.

    Amyl nitrate and a travel bong.

      I lost a stash in my car once... found it a few weeks later. Had a great night.

    A Leatherman Multi tool. Always so handy to have in the car!

    Water bottle, condoms, deodorant, mints, jumper leads, beach towel, coles reusable bag hung over the back of the front passenger headrest to use as a rubbish bag (this saves me an incredible amount of hassle when cleaning up the inside of the car)

      Condoms break down in the car due to the temperatures inside the carit can get to.

        Perhaps if you leave them on the dash or the parcel shelf. If they're in a closed glovebox it stays quite cool. Also they're not under pressure or friction.

    I'm an interstate truck driver, what I keep in the truck includes Oil, water, some tinned food, basic tools, glass cleaner, scotch brite pads (for removing bugs from the windscreen) old news paper (great for polishing the windscreen), WD40 ,spare bulbs and fuses, electrical tape

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    Paperclip, duct tape, swiss army knife

    full set of tools
    auto trans fluid
    spare tire
    first aid kit

    If I had a car it'd have my tent, fishing rods, portable stove and cooking stuff in it.

    Stubby holder.....in case of emergencies.

    A small "potette" = travel toilet for when small children need to go, even though there was a pitt stop 10 minutes ago. Miss 3 found how cold it was one snowy night in Thredbo when she was busting!

    Towel, rope, Jacket, wet weather/Hi-vis gear, big rubber dildo, spare fuses and a street directory. There used to be a bong in there too.

    Insect repellent
    Power Inverter
    iDevice charger
    3 D Cell LED Maglite
    Jacket (waterproof)
    Picnic blanket
    Box Nitrile gloves (like latex gloves but better for car stuff)

    Has a spare tire and a tool kit, but that came with the car.

    I didn't think I had much, but writing it all out I apparently do! btw, my car's boot will not open without the remote key, not even with the boot latch release thing next to the gas tank release. And it doesn't have fold down seats so is not accessible from inside of the car. Major PIA when I lock the keys in the boot, but secure!

    Out of interest, wouldn't keeping (a lot of heavy) things in the car result in lugging around a lot of dead weight, which decreases fuel efficiency?

    I second the "nothing" post. I've never had my car broken into simply for the fact that there is never anything for them to steal, not even a tissue box for the nasally challenged hardened criminal.

      The fuel costs of carring around a kilo or two of stuff is miniscule - like 0.005c per km - and the utility of having it available when you need it is very valuable. If you are that concerned, you could always just put less fuel in your tank so you don't use fuel lugging that around.

    Depends on whether my wife has "helped" and tidied out the car -
    lengths of 8mm poly rope (tying stuff on to the roof/trailer)
    warning triangle
    alcohol hand wash (for cleaning hands if I get under the bonnet/ change a tyre)
    adjustable spanner

    But all that is nothing compared to the crap my kids leave strewn about the floor/seat in the back!

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