What Do You Use Your Tablet For?

Tablets are appearing in a lot more living rooms and offices these days, but it still seems like people are trying to figure out exactly what they're good for. So, we want to know: what do you use your tablet for?

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We've talked about plenty of unusual things to do with a tablet, including, recycling old tablets, how to use a tablet as a second monitor, and why tablets are great productivity tools. Research suggests that despite the potential, browsing and email still dominate. But everyone varies, so we want to know: what do you use your tablet for?


    I use a 2nd gen iPad for a bit of everything - web browsing and private emails while at work (can't access anything via office network); note taking and meeting agendas for work (don't print anything anymore - save meeting agendas and papers to Evernote and access from there on my iPad during meetings);

    for home it's my go-to device for catching up on my RSS feeds (Mr Reeder) and I use it increasingly as my kitchen cookbook (most of my recipes are now in Evernote). I read kindle books on it occasionally (but also have an old Sony eReader that I read more ebooks on), I am also addicted to word games and sudoku and prefer the larger screen of the tablet rather than my phone. It's also good for iView in bed

    I still have a latop at home which I use for serious writing, photo editing and a couple of data centric apps that don't have good iOS versions but I'm more inclined to upgrade my tablet more frequently than the laptop these days

    I bought a cheap'n'nasty 7" tablet, just to see how it might be useful.

    It's mostly on the kitchen wall as a really accurate clock (with weather forecast)!

    Sometimes, though, it replaces my phone for video watching in bed. Otherwise, I find the GNex is my go-to portable device.

    I'm an iOS developer so it's often used for work, but main personal uses are reading comics (Comic Zeal Reader is excellent), streaming from home server via Plex, RDP to home server via LogMeIn Ignition, and the type of games that just aren't done justice by the iPhone's screen size.

    IPad 2. My iPad never leaves my side and I use it constantly - not a great productivity tool though!. I use it for downloading meeting papers, social/browsing/email, streaming radio (mostly sport and music). Thankfully I have a powerboard on my desk meaning I can leave it plugged in all day. When I am away from my desk or travelling, my 3m USB cable comes in pretty handy!

    iPad Mini. This thing is welded to my hand. I use it for everything. Reading news, playing games, watching videos, music production, document processing, reading and documenting recipes and all of my everyday Internet surfing is done here. I only use my PC if I have to upload a document which can't be uploaded from a mobile browser and for minimal music production. My iPad Mini completes me.

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