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Yeah, February 14 is coming up as soon as Thursday. To mark that fact, we'll be supplementing your regular Lifehacker diet with extra Lovehacker posts this week.

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Watch out during the week for additional romance, gift-buying and relationship hacks. And if you have a suggestion for what we should cover or your own love-enhancing tip, tell us in the comments or visit our contact form.


    Ugh, really? Valentine's Day is for insecure couples and bitter single women. Fact.

      And bitter neckbeards as well, apparently

        *Happily single lady.

        Just sayin'.

          If it doesn't effect you, then why do you even care? Clearly you do. No need to broadcast your insecurities, just get over it and let other people enjoy it.

            Point taken [and I realise we're pushing boundaries here, commenting on a placeholder article from three days ago], but I would like to only state that Valentine's Day is a single day during which roses are marked up by nearly 4000%, MANY women throw tantrums or pout [and let's not pretend that this does not happen, because that's insulting] if something is not given to them, and that the historical origins of the day have VERY little to do with 'giving your loved one tangible gifts to prove you do, in fact, still love them'.

            I'm not insecure about it, I'm angry about it. I'm angry because I think too many hetero women hold it as an expectation to which their partners unwillingly bound. If you want to buy flowers for your partner, GO NUTS! Just don't do it on a day where the rest of the English-speaking world makes a big deal about it, and bitches and moans that you're a failure as a human being if you don't.

            Okay, I'm done. Without any sarcasm intended, I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, sockparty.

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