Weekend Project: Design A PlayStation 4 Logo, Win $500

Are you a gamer who knows their way around graphic design software? 99designs is running a community contest to create a PlayStation 4 logo — with the winner taking home $500 for their troubles.

Last week, Sony announced it would have something big to share on 20 February, sparking rumours that the company would reveal its next-generation PlayStation video game console.

One thing that has yet to be unveiled is the new console's logo: will it keep the same slanted minimalism of the current branding, or go with something louder and avant-garde?

99designs, a crowdsourced graphic design marketplace, has invited its members to break out their digital paintbrushes and speculate about the new logo. Submissions will be accepted until Monday (18 February), and the winning designer will score $500 cash.

Just to clarify, 99designs is not affiliated with Sony and the winning logo wont actually be used on the new machine. (We'd be asking for a lot more than $500 if that were the case!)

Signing up to the 99designs community is free. To gauge the kind of talent you'll be up against, pay a visit to the 99designs website.


    That one in the top right looks sweet but it does not keep with there past themes..

    Awesome, thanks for pointing out the site!
    I won't be entering the playstation 4 contest but iv bookmarked it so in my spare time I will try for others.

    the logo on top is awesome. I think its quiet different from previous ones..at least some one has thought out of the box..hats off to designer ..love it

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