UberHype For Android Puts New Music On Your Phone

UberHype For Android Puts New Music On Your Phone

Android: If you enjoy finding and listening to great new music, UberHype for Android is worth checking out. The app brings all of the music available at The Hype Machine to your Android phone and makes it easy to search for, stream, save and share new music.

UberHype offers all of the features available on the web. If you don’t have a Hype Machine account, you can sign up through the app (only if you want — you don’t need an account to use the app). From there, you can browse the most popular tracks, the newest songs added to the site, the most talked-about songs, or just see the ones that have been added by the music blogs that contribute to Hype Machine.

When you find something you like, you can subscribe to the artist or the music blog that uploaded it, save it to your favourites, press play to stream it immediately, or start listening to a playlist for continuous playback.

You can favourite tracks to listen to them later. If you have friends on Hype Machine, you can see their favorited tracks in the app as well. The app itself is well designed, and makes finding new music easy, even though under the hood there are lots of sharing and social features to help you connect with friends and artists. The app is free and available over at Google Play.

UberHype (free) [Google Play]

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