Turn Your Flat Cola Into A Cheap Dinner

Turn Your Flat Cola Into A Cheap Dinner

They say life is fleeting, but it’s got nothing on carbonated soft drink. One moment, the cola in your fridge is effervescent and delicious — the next, it’s a flat and syrupy swamp. If you regularly find yourself tossing out half-empty Coke bottles, here’s a quick tip to re-purpose those listless dregs into a meal the whole family can enjoy.

Coke chicken wings are a tasty treat that are quick to prepare and will only cost you around $1.50 per head (not including side dishes like rice and hot chips). All you need are chicken wings, a bit of soy sauce and your leftover cola.

When making this dish, I cut the chicken wings into three segments and fry them in a wok with a little peanut oil. Once they are browned, I add a few drips of soy sauce to each wing and then pour in the Coke (the amount of Coke you need depends on how many wings you’re making, but as a general rule they should be half submerged).

The next step is to cover the wok and allow the cola to reduce — it will eventually turn into a sticky substance similar in appearance and consistency to black bean sauce. Turn the wings over a few times and you’re good to go. You can also garnish with some diced spring onions if you have some handy.

There are numerous online recipes for this dish that go into a lot more detail and add extra ingredients, but for a quick dinner fix, the above is all you need to know. Happy eating!


  • have heard of this being done for pork dishes as well.

    You can also marinade the wings in the flat coke to tenderise them and take away any bad smells. Same principles as when you dose them with cooking rice wine.

    Adding sesame seeds once the coke has caramelised also adds some nice taste and texture.

  • Tasty does not always equate to healthy. There is so much sugar in that cola that you are turning a low fat and healthy meat into a kilojoule laden American obesity feast.

    Don’t do it. There are so many delicious herbs you can use instead to give you a tastier meal without the risk of adding a metre to your waistline and dangerous plaque to you arteries.

    • +1

      All you are doing is essentially using the sugars in the cola to caramelize the meat. Brown sugar would be the best alternative if you were interested in doing such a thing – still not a healthy option however.

    • A perfectly valid point, — which is why I aimed the tip specifically at Coke drinkers (if you’re going to drink the stuff anyway, there’s no harm in adding a little variety to the way you consume it).

    • Dude, you can’t control how people are going to eat. This is not as bad as marshmallows, or ice cream, or coke by itself, so don’t stress it!

      I’m a personal trainer. I’ve been thinking about this stuff for years. I’ve come down to the truism that I can only control what I do, so I don’t worry about what other people stuff in their gob. It’s their lives, let them do what they like.

    • As opposed to a low-kilojoule laden Australian weight loss feast, meat-pie lover?

      The U.S. has a 33% obesity rate, compared to 25% for Australia. The only time people should be making an America is fat joke, is when your country has an obesity rate so low, it’s not worth mentioning on a list.

      I’m an overweight Australian hypocrite, yes. But all the facts. All the facts with something hard and sandpaper-y *meme fist pump*

      • My family did a variation on this when my brother told a really funny joke and I accidentally spat out a mouthful of coke on to the roast chook (thankfully) before my parents were at the table.

        Turned out okay, but I couldn’t stop laughing when Dad asked Mum what she’d done differently to the chicken to make it taste so nice lmao

  • This is the most disgusting thing I have ever tried to eat. The instant vomiting it induced was more pleasurable. If you think this tastes nice then you really need to reconsider the types of food that you consume.

  • Or you could by 24 pk of cans rather than 2 L bottles. Unitised beverage dispensal FTW. Have an occasional soft drink without the pressure of having to finish a bottle and normally have water.

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