This Camera Search Engine Promises 'Humanised' Recommendations

Like megahertz for CPUs, it's been a while since megapixels ruled the specifications roost for digital cameras. Comparing technical data tells only part of the story, eventually, you'll want a hands-on perspective. A new camera search engine, called "Cameratico", wants to combine the hard info with professional opinion, giving you the best of both worlds.

Cameratico is the brainchild of Brazil-based Fábio Pili, who, according to this article on PetaPixel, is skilled as both a programmer and photographer.

The site's about page states that while the cameras are rated using a unique "CameraIndex" algorithm, "all products are evaluated by editors with years of real professional photographic experience". It pledges to remain unbiased by not accepting advertising or other "commercial interests".

There's also a "personalisation layer" where you can answer a few questions and Cameratico will serve up recommendations tailored specifically for you.

It sounds great. But, by Pili's own admission, the site is still a work in progress — users have already pointed out missing models (and entire brands) and consistency issues with reviews. I say give him a chance — it's only a day old and Pili himself has said the site was launched intentionally with only a subset of cameras. He's already working to improve the experience:

I launched the website yesterday and opened it for public feedback on Reddit's photography community. General feedback was good, but some users pointed that our methodology seems to exaggerate the differences between cameras, specially on the image quality rating. I'm working on some adjustments and also on ways to better express each product evaluation. Our goal is to have a much more precise, yet still simple, version online soon. Looking forward to other user's feedback.

The site does have a US-focus — the prices are in USD and the product links go to Amazon, but in combination with other review sites, user recommendations on forums, etc, it could be an excellent addition to your camera-buying arsenal.

Cameratico [Official site, via PetaPixel]


    Hello Logan. Thank you for writing about Cameratico. As you said, I'm working to improve the recommendations quality and to add new cameras to the database. Lots of cool new features are on the pipeline, like product pages with in depth ratings, side by side comparison with other cameras and international product prices. I'll keep you posted.

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