The Nebula Windows Desktop

Customising your desktop is really about making it look and work the way that suits your workflow as opposed to accepting its default look and feel. Lifehacker reader Georgacus made a few subtle changes to his Windows desktop to make it more personal.

The best thing about Georgacus's desktop is that he didn't do very much to make it his own. Here's how you can make yours look like his — or at least borrow a few design cues and build your own:

That's all there is to this one: a simple Windows theme, some new taskbar icons and a gorgeous wallpaper (not to mention light use of Rainmeter to add a clock — which he's removed from the Taskbar). These elements make for a good-looking desktop. If you're new to Rainmeter check out our guide for tips.


    Worth it for the wallpaper alone. Beautiful!

    Not sure i understand why people remove the clock from the taskbar , where it is visible with other windows open, and put it on the desktop, where everything else will cover it, making it basically useless.

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