The Mix Tape Is Back! Back! BACK!

The Mix Tape Is Back! Back! BACK!

A new Aussie start-up is attempting to resurrect the physical mix tape for the digital age. ShareTapes are NFC-enabled plastic cards that let you ‘record’ music and video from media streaming services like YouTube, 8tracks and Spotify. Your mix tape playlist can then be accessed via most tablets and smartphones. This time, UB40 tracks will be optional.

Sharetapes are being touted as a marketing opportunity for bands, videographers and designers as well as a new way for insufferable hipsters to share music with their friends. The ‘tapes’ are created by copying and pasting your playlist URL into the ShareTapes website, along with the card’s unique code.

You can then send the tapes off to friends or prospective gig operators, who can access the music using their smartphone’s NFC chip or the included QR code.

You can also order tapes with customised prints which might sound silly — but if you’re promoting your own music, it’s actually a smart way to stand out from the crowd; especially when chasing gigs and radio airtime.

The main drawback is that the tape’s recipient will need to have the corresponding playlist app on their phone for certain services, like Spotify. (On the plus side, the tapes are compatible with most web-based media sharing platforms.)

The Sharetapes can be ordered from the company’s website and cost $6.99 for a pack of five. We recommend watching John Cussack in High Fidelity for tips on how to create the perfect mix tape.

The Mix Tape Is Back! Back! BACK!


  • I think UB40 should be mandatory on all mix tapes. But during the Ali Campbell days (but then again, I haven’t heard much of them since he left). Preferable songs include Many Rivers to Cross (with that awesome Blue Brothers homage) and Sing Our Own Song. Catchy!

  • Shut up and take my money.

    Mix tapes were my passion, my delight, took up my entire teenage years and became my Raison d’être, even led me into working for Disney and DJing in a few very popular Gay clubs of the time in Melbourne in the 90s and a tiny bit into the naughties before clubbing bit the big one.

    posters ^ who just don’t understand the beauty (or horror) of mix tapes need not bother. They will be the same people who never experienced a foam party in Tasty (post raid, but the event that killed it, pro tip: old wooden boards and foam don’t mix) or Freakazoid, or the Chevron (if you were Bi), or Bubble and the start of the the Melbourne Shuffle.

    Seriously, for us kids of the 70s and 80s, this is a dream. But will it work with Rdio, because Spotify is about as obnoxious as a teenager’ pimples, and just like same I would not go near it with a 12.192 Metre barge pole.

    I bet it won’t let us create 60 minute remixes of Bronski Beat overlayed onto Donna Summer though.

    Beat boy, beat boy,
    love to love you baby
    Beat boy, beat boy,
    love to love you baby.

    • And to answer my own question, YES! it does work with Rdio. Weird that the shipment is March 3 to March 31, but my first set are now on the way Woohoo!

      Beware all my best friends and work colleagues you are about to hear my mixtapes in all their glory, a juxtaposition of Prokofiev and Pink interspersed with some Ride Against and for the quieter part some Secondhand Serendade.

      And if I can convince the makers to allow time slicing (lucky for you, unlikely)… you may hear my uniquely famous Bronski/Summer “Love to love you Beat Boy” mix.

      • Darn, as a guest who refuses to register I can’t edit. “Rise Against” not Ride Against. Doh! —
        You couldn’t imagine it mixed.

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