Telstra's Thanks Plan Offers $10 Movie Tickets And Cheaper Popcorn

Telstra's latest customer loyalty scheme involves $10 movie tickets and a bit of not-so-good-old fashioned gluttony via a snackbar upgrade scheme.

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Telstra's new scheme is simply labelled as "Thanks" — presumably "Thanks For The Money" didn't test as well — and allows Telstra customers to buy movie tickets for selected sessions for $10 each. You can buy up to ten tickets, and there's an upgrade offer to switch a medium soft drink and popcorn combo up to a large for no extra cost as well. There's also a time-limited competition to win a walk-on part in an upcoming Ewan McGregor movie as part of the deal.

It's not a deal without a few select limitations, however, although most of them are not all that surprising. You'll pay a surcharge for VMAX and 3D screenings. You can't buy tickets for sessions after 5pm on Saturdays or on public holidays, or for movie marathons. Event Cinemas, Greater Union, Birch Carroll & Coyle, Village Cinemas and Moonlight Cinemas are the signed up partners, which means your local silver screen may not be one participating.

On the candybar side, promotional candybar offers aren't covered, and it would be remiss of us not to point out that excess consumption of salty and sugar-loaded snacks and drinks might not be your best move from a health perspective. Optus has offered a similar deal for customers for some time; clearly movies and mobiles work as a combo.

Telstra Thanks[Telstra]


    I think it's not after 5pm Saturday only, not blanket after 5pm. I booked tickets for 9pm tonight and they are fine.

    This offer has single handed lay brung me back to the movies. I stopped going regularly (5 movies per year) to maybe 1 per year. Now for 10 bucks for a non 3d movie is actually worth it. I tend to go at odd times 4:15 on a Thursday for example, and it works out I am the only one in the cinema. Ahhhh no crying kids.

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