SubtleLock Redesigns The iPhone Home Screen And Gives Notifications More Room

iOS (Jailbroken): The lock screen on the iPhone hasn't changed much since its inception, but if you're looking to give it a slight overhaul without changing everything, SubtleLock is a simple little jailbreak tweak that gives your lock screen a lot more room to breath.

SubtleLock reduces the size of the clock, stuffs the date into the corner, and shrinks down the "slide to unlock" area. The benefit here is that it offers a heck of a lot more room for notifications when they come in. It also fully supports other apps like LockInfo and Dashboard X to give you more room to display useful info on your lock screen.

SubtleLock ($US1) [Modmyi via Cult of Mac]


    1 dollar well spent. Why hasn't Apple thought of making this themselves before!?!?! makes my wallpaper the star now :-)

    Apple should let us modify the layout like my Nexus 4.

    My Nexus 4 makes my iPhone 4s looks so dated.

    But in saying that, I wouldn't pay any money for jailbreak apps, no offence but JB takes forever to come out. I bought dual sim case for my 4s.... and it just not used now and I bought N4 for my work phone instead.

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