Seesaw Crowdsources All Your Decisions

iOS: Making decisions is tough, but if you're looking for a little help, Seesaw is an app that makes creating polls your friends can vote on for any type of decision simple.

The purpose of Seesaw is pretty simple: you can instantly create a poll by taking a picture, and have friends (and strangers) vote on it. The initial setup of the app requires your phone number, and from there you can start making polls. You can then send out a request for decision making help through social networks or text message. The interface is a lot like Instagram, where you scroll through your feed, dig through your friends polls, and vote. It might seem a little silly for simple decisions you make throughout the day, but since all it requires is a photo you can use it for all types of different decisions, from home makeovers to vacation plans.

Seesaw (free) [iTunes App Store via All Things D]


    Doesn't seem to like Australian phone numbers, so those of us in Australia can't register.

    Another utterly useless non fact-checked article by Thorin? Sure looks like it.

    If there _IS_ a trick to getting around the phone number thing or getting Australian numbers to work (04XX XXX XXX, 614XX XXX XXX and +614XX XXX XXX all did not work for me), it'd be handy if someone could post it seeing as Thorin doesn't seem capable of doing any actual research & verification.

    Last edited 12/02/13 12:26 pm

    Needs a phone number? No thanks....

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