Seek Out Fermented Foods For Better Daily Nutrition

Most of us know a few nutrition basics like including fibre in our diets and avoiding processed foods as much as possible, but fermented foods aren't on most people's radar. Seattle-based registered dietitian and nutritionist Andy Bellatti explains why they're healthy and why you should keep an eye out for them when considering your diet.

Image: Boris Anthony.

Eat more fermented foods. Fermented foods offer probiotics, which help replenish healthful bacteria in our colon (important for many purposes). Whether it's drinking kombucha (a fermented tea), trying out kimchi at a Korean restaurant, making your own sauerkraut, or eating more yoghurt (FYI: there are now almond, soy and coconut-based yoghurt available), fermented foods are a great addition to any diet.

If you're looking to eat a bit healthier, keep fermented foods in mind. They're a very useful component in your diet.


    I can't stand kombucha but I love all the others mentioned here.

    Natto wasn't mentioned above, but it's gotta be my favourite fermented food.

      Another vote here.

    Don't forget the miso soup, makes a fantastic light snack between meals too.

    I disagree that eating more of these types of food is automatically a good thing.
    If someone is trying to avoid high blood acidity, they would avoid fermented foods.
    This isn't a common dietary consideration, but many athletes try to offset the increased body acidity caused by exercise.

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