Score Your Projects Based On Fun, Knowledge And Profit With Was It Worth It

There are plenty of to-do lists, time managers and other productivity tools on iOS, but how about one that lets you score tasks based on worthiness so you can look back on completed projects and hopefully, figure out if you should have bothered with them at all?

A new, free iOS app called Was It Worth It, by UK designer Peter Koraca, takes a novel approach to tracking tasks and judging their value. According to the app description, it's aimed at "creative freelancer[s]" — and you can see why: projects are scored by Fun, Knowledge and Money, but these factors apply to a number of professions.

The idea is that once you've finished something on the list, you rate it based on these criteria. You can then view projects via an amalgamation of scores, individual scores, or by date.

For example, as a freelancer, you could determine which projects are the most fun and profitable, if you're after a balance or, if you need funds, you can rank them purely by income. Eventually, you'll have a good idea of which projects are, well, worth your time.

The interface is clean, straightforward and pleasant to look at and it's refreshing to see an app take a different approach to the tried-and-true to-list list format.

Was It Worth It? (Free) [App Store, via AppAdvice]


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