Say What Dialer Adds Subject Lines To Your Android Calls

Android: Calls don't offer subject lines, so we often avoid them because we don't know what the call is about. Say What intends to solve that problem by telling the person you're calling the reason why.

Say What replaces your normal dialler, and it works in a similar way. You pick who you want to call and choose a number. Before dialling, however, tell Say What the subject of the call, and it will send that message to your friend before the call rings.

If your friends have the Say What app too, their phone will ring with a subject line. If they don't have the app, however, Say What will send them a text message with the subject line. This isn't ideal, but it's not like there's a reasonable alternative.

Say What also only offers a handful of preset messages to send, which might take some time to go through. A custom option would make a big difference. Nevertheless, it's an improvement we're willing to take, especially considering it's free to use.

Say What Dialer (free) [Google Play Apps via Swissmiss]


    Sounds like a solution looking for a problem.

      Haha, yes it does.

      You might as well just send a text.

      Sounds like a solution looking for an widespread implementation (i.e. in a new version of Android perhaps?)

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