Rock Around The Clock With This IKEA Hack

I've got a lot of love for the humble LP. This very simple hack turns a cheap IKEA clock into a nifty bit of musical wall art.

IKEA Hackers has the details of how to turn a $2.49 RUSCH wall clock into a simple LP clock using essentially only a a glue gun and a marker pen. IKEA stores aren't everywhere in Australia, but I've seen much the same clock at other department style stores for around $4, so it's an easy project to undertake, once you decide which LP to use in the first place.



    You could also just buy a base analog clock unit to stick into pretty much anything:

    Though funnily enough, it's actually more expensive than the whole Ikea clock. You do get a choice of hands with the Jaycar kit, I suppose.

    You can get those kits for about three bucks on ebay, probably the exact same thing too. Plus then you aren't contributing to landfill by throwing out the rest of the clock.

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