Raspberry Leaf Helps You Connect Your Raspberry Pi To A Breadboard

The tiny $US35 Raspberry Pi can do all sorts of amazing things, but nothing is labelled that well, and connecting it to a breadboard isn't always obvious. DIY enthusiast Monk created a printable sheet — dubbed the Raspberry Leaf — to place over the Pi.

The Raspberry Leaf sits directly on top of the GPIO so you can instantly see what each pin does without referencing a manual. It's a big help when you're trying to piece together your electronics project. The Raspberry Leaf is free, and all you need is a printer. Head over to Doctor Monk's site for the PDF version.

Raspberry Pi and Breadboard (Raspberry Leaf) [Dr. Monk's DIY Electronics Blog via Make]


    First time I noticed - all the I/O compressed to a handful of pins, limiting expansion. Then they waste SIX pins doing nothing? [N/C = Not Connected].
    FFS they could have hooked them up as general IO.

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