PressReader Brings Traditional-Style Newspapers To iOS

iOS: PressReader is a Newsstand-like app that opts for a more traditional style of news presentation, with a twist. You can read any one of the app's selection of newspapers in a traditional layout, augment the page with highlight of headlines and other important info, or read articles in the stripped-down SmartFlow view.

The idea should be extra appealing to lovers of old media who happen to own Retina-quality iOS devices. Additionally, PressReader can translate text into 12 languages, print articles and read stories back to you.

You can buy individual newspaper editions for $US0.99 or get a $US34 monthly subscription to all 2300 publications. The app is free so if you're not sure about paying for digital versions of print content, you can browse the library first before you commit to anything.

PressReader [iTunes App Store via TUAW]


    This app has been on iOS for quite a while, when I used an iPad I used it for reading The Australian and was quite satisfied. One of the big selling points is that you can send articles to evernote so that you have them stored for later reference. Now that I use a surface I use the Metro interface which is dare I say better than what was on the iPad :)

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