OzBargain Gets An iOS App

OzBargain is a constant source of the web's best Australian-centric deals, and one of Lifehacker's favourite money saving destinations, and it's now possible to browse its deals from an iOS app.

It's not an official app per se, and the developer does note that there are limitations. It won't, for example, give you push notifications of new deals with a decent number of votes. It's a free app, which feels about right to me for an OzBargain app, although you could always set the page as a weblink on any mobile OS of your choice.

"OzBargain iPhone/iPad App [OzBargain]


    I LOVE OzBargain :) It's one of the best web sites on the net. It has a fantastic community of nerds and penny pinchers. If you're not one of these people, best to avoid this site. I love when one person trumps another with "you can save 5c by going to ..." type comments :)

    Just a point of clarity. This is an unofficial app and is in fact 1 of 4 iOS apps users have made.


    There are also a few Android apps and even a Win Phone one.

    Unless the app has push notifications, the optimized mobile site is probably still your best bet for utilizing all the features of the site.

    3rd party app, many to choose from.

      I have to say that they are all terrible and have poor functionality. I find using it in a browser easier so you can open deals in the background- and I can't say push notifications would be that great a feature either, as where already pested enough with these from other apps, So saving the site to your home screen is a much better idea. I've even got a custom OzBargin Icon looks 100 times better than the grainy rubbish that's standard within the site.

      Last edited 26/02/13 2:36 am

        Agreed, I think the whole 'every site has its own app' mentality is terrible. There's perfectly good tools available to give customers what they need with HTML5, far better to use that and spend some time writing your site to display to mobile devices properly than waste time and money developing a standalone app that users have to install to use - along with the 500 other standalone apps they've installed for every other bloody site out there.

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