Open Compose Takes You Straight To Gmail's New Email Window

Chrome: Your inbox gets distracting (unless you keep it clean), and sometimes you just want to send an email without seeing everything else requiring a response. Open Compose lets you click a button and compose a message in Gmail without distractions.

All you have to do is install the extension, then click the little Gmail button in your toolbar to get a new message. It serves a very specific purpose, but it's a nice little shortcut to have if you compose emails frequently.

Those of you not on Chrome — or who would just prefer a link — can bookmark this URL to go straight to the compose window too.

Open Compose [Chrome Web Store via Barry Sampson]


    I do something similar in Chrome. I have set gmail as my default mail handler for chrome, then I created a bookmark on my bookmark bar with the URL "mailto:". It pops up an empty gmail compose window, and when you press send, it closes the tab for you.

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