Old Clothes Won’t Motivate You To Lose Weight

Old Clothes Won’t Motivate You To Lose Weight

It’s not uncommon to keep old clothes around as motivation to lose weight. Having a pair of jeans from your skinner days may sound like it provides a tangible measure of success, but Psychology Today points out that it’s just creating extra clutter in your home.

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Psychology Today runs through twelve different myths of decluttering, and why we keep old things around. One of the bigger ones? That you might lose a lot of weight if you have old clothes to motivate you. But, just like most clutter, it isn’t something you “might use again one day” — if you lose weight, you’ll want new clothes, not old ones. Toss them out with the other stuff that’s wasting space and you’ll be better off. Hit the link for the full list of decluttering myths.

Do You Find Yourself Falling For These 12 Familiar Myths? [Psychology Today]

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