Move Your Empty Garbage Bins More Efficiently

It's not the world's worst chore, but having to drag in multiple bins after garbage collection seems an inefficient use of your time. Chris Vik solved that problem in an inventive manner, placing the smaller empty bin inside the larger before taking them inside.

This won't work for everyone: some councils (like mine) have identically sized bins for recycling, general waste and green waste. It won't save you time when you take the bins out, and the effort of inserting and then removing the bin would seem more worthwhile if you have a very long driveway or need to steer carefully around parked cars. I've tended to favour the dragging one bin on each arm approach, but that's easier when you're taller. If you have other strategies for bin management, share them in the comments.

I don't know why people don't do this more often [Chris Vik]


    You know what's even more efficient with a skinny driveway? Pushing one and pulling the other. Seriously, if you're strong enough to pick one up and put it in the other, you're strong enough to move two separately unless you have one arm.

      Than the small bins gets covered in the shit inside the big one... eeeew

        Then again, usually the larger bin is the recycle bin, which doesn't generally have crap inside it. However, I don't think this tip will work for old grannies :)

          Except the delicious juce from pet food and tuna cans.

            If youre getting pet food and tuna juice in your recycling bin youre doing your recycling wrong.

      I agree with you dknigs, push one, pull the other. I've been doing that for years. This solution of inserting them into each other seems convoluted and silly!

    Sometimes I wonder if I'm getting trolled lol.

    Are there actually any councils in Australia that give out different sized bins nowadays..?

      Our garbage bins shrunk even more (apparently same litres though) while the large recycling bins remained.

      We have a smaller recycling bin than garbage - Melbourne

      Its pretty backward if you ask me.

        Really? I have a small garbage and a larger recycling bin.

      Yep. The Tweed Shire Council issued us new bins in 2009 to replace our old single bin that was split into recycling & general waste.

      We were issued with a 120Lt general waste bin and a 250Lt recycling bin.

    "I don’t know why people don’t do this more often"

    I do

    Manhandling a gross wheelie bin would be far worse than lugging two at the same time or even making a second trip.

    the effort of inserting and then removing the bin would seem more worthwhile if you have a very long driveway or need to steer carefully around parked cars

    Only if your driveway is kilometres long or you live in a car park. Otherwise, no.

      Lifehacker must be running out of creativity... Slow news day?

      or trying to troll?

      or both?

    "...favour the dragging one bin on each arm approach, but that’s easier when you’re taller."

    Really? I'm 5'3 and this is what I do.... and I have to drag them up a steep sharp bend. I cope fine.
    Both bins are the same size, but my parents (Tweed shire) have the smaller bin for garbage, and I don't think I could lift that up and over the normal size bin.

    Now, if I could just get my neighbours to stop putting their crap in my bin, I'll be happy. I probably wouldn't even care, only they put rubbish in my recycling bin >:(

      I'm just a bit taller than u -avg height rather than tall - & I drag them both back in at the same time also. I can only do this after they've been emptied though, so still have to put them out for emptying separately

    #1 most disgusting substance known to man?


    Just hook the handle over the tow bar and drag it up your drive way.

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