MIT's Free Creative Course Teaches You Learning Techniques

Whether it's a new skill or a new language, lifelong learning is important. The free Learning Creative Learning course from the MIT Media Lab aims to teach you techniques to easily pick up something new.

Mitch Resnick, Director of Lifelong Kindergarten and the LEGO Papert Professor at the MIT Media Lab, is teaching the course, which centres on picking up new skills and keeping them for the long haul.

Each week, you will focus on different types of learning and different types of skills, from learning on the internet, tinkering, doing things yourself and generating ideas.

Best of all, the class will be easy to keep up with: the MIT Media Lab will use off-the-shelf Google technologies to power the course, including Google+ Hangouts and Communities, and sharing assignments and projects at Github. You can read more about the class and see the week-to-week course outline at the link below.

The course starts on February 11, but registrations close on February 8.

Learning Creative Learning [MIT Media Lab via Make]


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