Mine Social Networks For Discussion Topics In Job Interviews

Mine Social Networks For Discussion Topics In Job Interviews

If potential employers are going to look over your internet presence before interviewing you, you can do the same to those potential employers. Reviewing a company’s Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles can offer valuable insight into a company, as well as give you something to talk about in the interview.

US News Business explains that every company presence on social media can yield valuable interview intel that you might find useful before you set foot in the building. Learning as much as you can will show your interest in the company.

For example, US News suggests that Twitter can often be used to glean a company’s corporate culture, which we know can be just as important as qualifications to a potential employer. LinkedIn groups and company pages are great ways to find out useful news, featured hires and departmental changes that the company wants to make public. Plus, LinkedIn Groups can offer lots of insider information you wouldn’t otherwise get without meeting someone at a company proper.

Hit the link below for more ways you can do a little healthy intelligence-gathering to learn more about a company.

How to Gather Interview Intel With Social Media [US News and World Report]

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