Make Your Own Gadget-Cleaning Solution

Don't waste money on one of those expensive screen-cleaning solutions from office supply stores. With household items you probably already have, and this recipe from CNET, you can create your own gadget cleaner.

All you need is to mix some isopropyl alcohol and distilled water in an old spray bottle.

CNET's Sharon Vaknin mentions this is a better solution (no pun intended) than using vinegar to clean your monitor because the alcohol-and-distilled-water mix dries faster, and it doesn't smell like vinegar.

We have noted before, however, that Apple doesn't recommend using alcohol on the screens of its gadgets, so you might not be comfortable using this solution on touchscreens. Many people do without a problem though, and cleaning wipes and sprays often contain alcohol anyway.

CNET How To : Make your own screen-cleaning spray [YouTube via WonderHowTo]


    I always use this mix to clean my plasma TV and my PC's LCD. I spray it onto a tissue first, then use that to wipe.

    Rinse out the spray bottle with the distilled water first to clean out any residue/crap/etc.

    I use a plain old water soaked cotton hanky. No scratches or streaks for my [much loved] DELL U2412M monitor or the LED television. This system has been around almost as long as I and is a trouble free way to clean all your screens. And yes, the same method may be used to clean a plasma screen. There's no need to undertake a chemistry degree for such a simple task.

      no need to undertake a chemistry degree

      Two ingredients, one of which is water...

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