Make Spray Bottles Work In Any Orientation

If you've ever tried to spray a cleaner — or Lifehacker favourite, a vinegar solution — into the back of a cupboard or up on a ceiling, you'll be aware that spray bottles don't always work well unless they're flat. This neat hack fixes that problem, making your spray bottle work in any direction you choose.


MAKE has the details on the hack, which involves replacing the suction tube of the spray bottle, which is usually quite hard plastic, with a flexible tube weighted at one end. As you move the bottle around, the weight forces the tube to work with gravity, meaning it should always be submerged no matter which way you point it. How-To: Make Your Spray Bottle Omnidirectional [MAKE]


    You can also visit a hobby shop and they sell tubing with a heavy metal fuel line pick up already assembled which would work well, they use them in model planes that run nitro so they can still fly inverted.

      people who fly nitro planes and helis already know about this, but the everyday person wouldnt.

    A nice trick, but having to remove and clean the weight after each use (so as to avoid corrosion) would also be annoying.

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