Make A Polaroid Camera Out Of Paddle Pop Sticks

Polaroid isn't really an official company anymore, but love has kept their products alive. Photographer and student product designer Maxim Grew took his love for the old-fashioned cameras and built one out of paddle pop sticks.

You can watch how he did it, very simply, through the time lapse video above. Not a bad project if you're looking for something fun to make over the weekend. To see the photos it can take and find out more, check out the full post over at DIY Photography.

Polaroid Camera Made From Popsicle Sticks [DIY Photography]


    I would love to see this done as a pinhole camera, rather than just taking the lens from an old camera. There's nothing that special about making your own bellows to stick between a manufactured lens and manufactured polaroid back.

    Also, where can you get the old 4x5 polaroid film these days? I thought they stopped production?

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