Mailstrom Helps You Clear Out Messages In Your Inbox Quickly

Mailstrom Helps You Clear Out Messages In Your Inbox Quickly

Inbox zero is a holy grail that seems unattainable for most. A wonderful web app called Mailstrom wants to make that dream a reality with clever sorting methods that clear out the crap in no time.

While I’m fairly good at looking at messages, I’m not good at clearing most of them out of my inbox and responding to the important ones. Wanting to improve my skills, I decided to give a few tools a try assuming that I wouldn’t get there on the first try. Mailstrom worked so well, however, that I’m now seven messages away from inbox zero after an hour of clearing out and responding to a pile of nearly 1000 messages.

How does this work? Mailstrom provides unconventional views of your mailbox, so you can take a quick look at what’s there and decide what’s important and what’s not. You can find shopping notifications, sort by time, sort by sender and find emails that take up a lot of space.

As straightforward and simple as this may sound, it really makes a difference when clearing things out. I was able to find unimportant senders and random notifications with a few clicks. When I cleared out one view, I tried another, and then another, until my mailbox was virtually empty.

If you’re looking to get yours under control, give Mailstrom a try. It’s free and it works with most email accounts.

Mailstrom [via Swissmiss]


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