Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted jailbreak apps, debate over browser tabs and better salaries. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. The Best Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks For iOS 6
    With the new jailbreak for iOS 6, it's time to start playing around with all the handy apps and tweaks on your newly-freed device. Here's a look at some of our favourites available in Cydia for iOS 6.
  2. Why You Should Never Have More Than Nine Browser Tabs Open
    I often hear people complain that their browser is slow and unstable. It's easy to blame browser developers for using sloppy coding practices and not managing memory correctly, but in my experience there's a more common element: people who insist on having dozens of browser tabs open at once. That's an unproductive and pointless practice and everyone should stop it immediately.
  3. Australian Cities Amongst World's Most Expensive? No, People Can't Read Reports
    This time last year, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) released its annual report into the cost of living for executives transplanted overseas, and I devoted a lot of effort to explaining how the report didn't prove the cost of living was generally high for Australians, because it wasn't remotely examining that question. Clearly no-one pays any attention to this sort of analysis, because the 2013 report is out now and exactly the same mistake is being made.
  4. Which IT Pro Roles Pay The Best?
    It's the question every IT worker asks: which specialisation should I choose to maximise my earning potential? Right now, if you're looking for a lucrative job, enterprise architecture and cloud computing top the bill. Check out these salary tables for more insights.
  5. Top 9 Things Your Smartphone Sucks At (And How To Fix Them)
    Sometimes, smartphones can be a boon for your personal productivity, but other times it's amazing how much trouble they have performing simple tasks. Here are nine things your phone probably sucks at and how to make it work better.
  6. Why I Don't Buy Pre-Owned Games
    Over the past few days, debate has been rife in the Allure Media office about the pros and cons of buying pre-owned video games. The argument against this practice is that it robs developers of cash, with 100 per cent of the profits going to whichever retail outlet you happened to buy the game from.
  7. Rewire Your Brain For Happiness Using The Tetris Effect
    Ever go through a phase where you feel like every day is a Monday? You wake up, you hit snooze. Then you hit snooze again, and you just don't feel it? Yes, I know that negative emotions can eat away at my productivity, creativity and decision-making skills. And yet I have to admit that sometimes it's really difficult to reverse the course of a slump.
  8. The Holo Cards Android Home Screen
    Lifehacker reader Thand shows off his clean home screen inspired by the popular Holo Light interface. It features lots of widgets and a bright, colourful aesthetic.
  9. Slow Down When Exercising To Burn More Fat
    Misleading information can make exercise more complicated than it should be. Fitness tech company Digifit dispels common cardio workout myths and says that while you might burn more calories with a harder workout, a slower one will burn more fat.
  10. Bikes On Footpaths: When Is It Lawful?
    When it comes to lazy Sunday bike rides, the footpath can be awfully tempting: there's less vehicular danger to worry about, fewer traffic fumes to choke on and it's infinitely easier to stop and sniff the flowers (which is what life's all about, right?) Unfortunately, several states in Australia have laws against this sort of thing, which can result in on-the-spot fines ranging from $50 to $200.


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