Keep A Laundry Basket In Your Car And Move Groceries Hassle-Free

Moving groceries from your car to your kitchen often involves multiple trips that are inconvenient and annoying. Redditor themeattrain says you avoid that problem with the help of a laundry basket.

Picture: Sean Freese/Flickr

When you go grocery shopping, put a laundry basket in your trunk before you leave. It makes it easy to bring in all your stuff in one pain-free trip.

Even if you don't have one already, cheap laundry baskets only cost a few dollars. Pick one up at your local retailer (or online) and carry your groceries pain-free into the house in one go.

When you go grocery shopping, put a laundry basket in your trunk before you leave [Reddit]


    I use the shopping bag you get at Ikea.

      Me too.. I keep several in the car and use as required depending on the amount of shopping. You can carry them into the store easily, they fold or scrunch up small for storage, they're strong and cheap ($1)

      Too much double handling and faffing about with laundry baskets

    I use those crazy bag things they give you at the supermarket. They have this funky handle thing that you hold on to, and you put the groceries inside.

    I'm surprised more people don't know about them.

    This is only really helpful if you shop at Aldi. There are never any boxes when I go there...

    perhaps this article is focused towards places that don't issue plastic bags anymore.

    the problem with laundry baskets in the car is they'd be very heavy with all the groceries and requires planning ahead. will not solve the phone call "on your way home from work Can you pick up..." where a bunch of reusable plastic bags kept in the it would. the trick is remembering they are there when going in to the shops and replenishing then once used at home.

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