JustMigrate Moves Your Posterous Spaces To Tumblr In A Few Clicks

Are you feeling burnt from Twitter's announcement that it is closing Posterous on April 30? JustMigrate is a free service that will migrate your Posterous Spaces to Tumblr quickly and easily, so you can get back to blogging and sharing without too much hassle.

We explained how to migrate your Posterous Spaces to Tumblr, Blogger or Wordpress before, but some of those tools are a little hack-y. There's Posthaven, which we mentioned yesterday, but it costs money. If you're on a budget, or you want to hop on the Tumblr bandwagon, JustMigrate makes the process incredibly easy.

Just type in your Posterous username and authorise the app to access your Tumblr account, and JustMigrate takes care of the rest. It supports audio, image, text, and even posts with embedded video. The JustMigrate tool even brings in tags, titles and post dates, and it will clean up the post code so it plays nicely with Tumblr.

It doesn't work with private Posterous blogs, and it won't pull in comments (since Tumblr doesn't natively support them), but it's otherwise the easiest, most hassle-free method of moving your data we've seen.

Of course, moving from Posterous to Tumblr is going from one free web service to another, so while Tumblr doesn't have plans to close anytime soon, you should still visit Posterous and back up your data so you have a copy for safe keeping. Hit the link below to give JustMigrate a try.



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