I’m Chris Jager, The New Guy At Lifehacker

Today’s my first day on the job at Lifehacker, so I’ve decided to throw myself a little welcoming party which also doubles as your formal introduction to me (we’re nothing if not self-sufficient at Lifehacker).

My journalistic career began in gaming six years ago and has since expanded to encompass all areas of consumer technology, along with business IT and the various flavours in between.

As the newest and shiniest member of the Lifehacker team, you’re going to be seeing my byline on an awful lot of stories moving forward. Er, not that the stories themselves will be awful — I was just using a figure of speech.

I'll be reporting across all Lifehacker categories, with a focus on providing news, tips and advice for all walks of life; from IT pros to new parents (my wife’s third baby is due to drop any moment now. Pray for me.)

I look forward to interacting with you all in the comments section moving forward. You can also find me on Twitter at @jagerchris. Now if you’ll excuse me, Gus has demanded I clear my desk of confetti.



    Look forward to seeing more Aussie content from Lifehacker. Since it appeals to me most and it's the most relevant.

    Welcome mate! Look forward to reading your stories if this gem is anything to go by!

    Chris Jager? You mean Tim Rosso.
    That's choice bro, welcome.

    Last edited 05/02/13 12:55 pm

    Welcome aboard Chris! Pay no attention to Luke, that's just how he is. And if you just treat Angus and Adam as the same person, that's fine too - everybody else does it.

    GL HF!

    Ahhh your wife's third baby huh? No amount of praying can help you. ;)

    Welcome aboard.

    Last edited 05/02/13 2:53 pm

    Welcome and congratulations on the third baby! :)

    Welcome ... I hope you don't Jager Bomb ... </dadjoke>

    Last edited 06/02/13 3:30 pm

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