iiNet Fetch TV Upgrade Brings Mixed Blessings

iiNet Fetch TV Upgrade Brings Mixed Blessings

iiNet has upgraded its IPTV options. The new FetchTV boxes are slimmer and faster, but the news isn’t entirely good if you’re an existing FetchTV customer.

With a slimmer profile, 1080p output and a faster internal processor, the new Fetch TV boxes went on sale yesterday to customers of iiNet (and its subsidiary ISPs, such as Westnet and Internode) on either an entry level $10/month or premium $20/month rental package.

What if you’re an existing FetchTV customer, however? If you own the FetchTV box outright there’s no upgrade or trade-in path beyond signing up for a new contract and using the existing box as a hefty doorstop. If you’re renting it’s not a whole lot better. An iiNet representative told Lifehacker that while the new boxes were exclusive to new customers for the first week, during March it would be possible for existing rental customers to upgrade to the new box, but only if you’re at least 22 months into the 24 month contract and are willing to sign up to a fresh contract.


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