How The AWS Price Cuts Impact Australia

Over the weekend, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced price cuts for some of its services. How do those reductions impact customers in its Australian data centre in Sydney?

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The cuts, which took effect from February 1, come in two areas: operating costs for on-demand EC2 instances running Linux, and data transfer rates between regions. For the Sydney centre, prices have been reduced by 5.9 per cent for an M1 instance, 2.2 per cent for M2, 1.6 per cent for C1 medium and 1.9 per cent for C1 extra large. Helpful if you're deploying multiple Linux instances but less useful with other platforms.

Charges for the Sydney AWS operation have always been higher than in some US locations, and that remains true after the cuts, which range as high as 27.7 per cent in some US locations. (Amazon has also added its M3 EC2 instances option, which provides higher-performance processing, to the Sydney centre.)

Data transfer changes don't apply when you initially upload data into AWS, but kick in if you transfer data from one region to another. Charges for data migrating for the Sydney instance were previously $0.19 per GB (charged in US dollars), but have dropped to $0.14. That's still the second-highest charge (after South America), and rather more than the $0.02 paid for most North American locations (a factor that's unlikely to alter given bandwidth charges in the US relative to Australia).

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