How Much Coffee Do You Drink Every Day?

How Much Coffee Do You Drink Every Day?

We know what caffeine does to your brain, but coffee is still a big part of most daily routines — often more than just a cup. How much do you drink in a day?

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Everyone metabolizes caffeine differently, but even allowing for that, how much you drink plays a big role in your overall mood. A recent review of over 200 studies found that about 400mg of caffeine per day — about three cups of coffee — is a safe intake for most adults.

How much caffeine do you drink in a day? Do you ever go “overboard” and start getting jittery? Let us know in the comments.

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  • I usually have about 3, 2 in the morning and one at about 3 to get me through till the end of the day. If I go to a conference or something I usually have as many as I can, which is not always a good thing…

  • For many years I was drinking up to 6-8 cups a day (between 7am and 6pm). I’d start feeling weird in the late afternoon, usually attributed just to fatigue, but started getting other issues lately like cramps.

    I took a break over December (a very grumpy December …) Since I’m back I can’t drink more than 3 in a day. If I have 2 cups less than 2 hours apart I can feel the jitters coming on.

  • How many of these coffee related articles will it take before no one can tell anymore, let alone care, just what coffee does to our systems? “Everything in moderation” should be the catch cry of all those people who are sick of getting conflicting information about anything that goes into your body. One month we’re told it’s good for you, the next it’s poison.!

    • I would suggest the balance of evidence is well in favour of a moderate caffeine intake through coffee consumption. However, all drugs are poisons with outcomes being almost always dose related (mg/kg and frequency).

  • 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon is my guideline. I am a fast metaboliser of caffeine and have some tolerance but I can still get acute symptoms of overdose where I just feel tense and generally easily overwrought. This might happen 2-3 time annually. However in the vast majority I enjoy elevated mood, mental acuity and better sports performance (cycling).

  • I schedule my caffeine intake based on how I work: I have a mug of tea at work in the morning while I’m having my breakfast. This boosts my productivity for the first half of the morning. I find that, if I start the day productively, I usually stay productive for the rest of the day, too.

    I then have a small-ish cup of coffee in the afternoon (about an hour after lunch). That caffeine kick-in-the-pants gets me into high gear between 2 and 3pm. This, along with a great pair of headphones, helps me complete some of my most complex tasks between 2 and 5pm.

  • I don’t drink coffee at all and rarely have caffeinated drinks (unless it’s a coke with food or at the movies). Also, all coffee tastes foul to me.

    In the mornings I always make sure to cook a hearty breakfast even if it means preparing ingredients the night before. During lunch break I generally have a semi-brisk walk around the block and some food (fridays I have a pub lunch and skip the walk).

  • I wonder what the Aussie numbers are on coffee vs tea drinkers. I realise there are people who regularly drink both, but I’d wager they’re a minority.

  • I’m a coffee roaster myself, but contrary to what most people assume, I drink very little coffee. I love coffee, but this is important – for taste – caffeine has little to no effect on me, I can happily drink a 6-shot coffee and go to sleep soon after. I drink coffee for taste (and roast for taste) and on average I’d have no more than 2 cups a day.

  • I used to be a coffee addict, drinking about 3 of the giant sized coffees a day. It started off small but it helped me think so I just kept pushing it.

    One day I felt like I was having a heart attack, sweating like I was in a marathon and not having much fun. Since then, even half a cup of coffee brings on similar symptoms. I think of it as breaking a coffee fuse inside of me. I just can’t handle it now.

    So learn from me kids, don’t do too much coffee or you may not be able to enjoy any caffeine related drinks again.

  • I have 1 in the morning that lasts me till lunch.. I’m always nuking it to warm it up.. Then forget about it.. Then drink it cold. Then there’s always a pot of tea made at work in the afternoon.
    Sunday is coffee and cake day where I find a new cafe or something and try it out for lunch. I try and not go to the same place twice unless its really good. Early morning airplane trips its 2 in the morning and 1 on the plane.

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