How Many Apps Are Installed On Your Smartphone?

Smartphones apps are one of those things that are easy to hoard because they're cheap, don't take up much space and easy to forget about. How many do you have installed on your smartphone right now?

In a recent article in the New York Times, writer Jenna Wortham reveals she has an absurd amount of apps installed — 259 to be exact. We've talked breaking your app addiction in the past, but apps get added so quickly it's hard to keep up. Let's hear it: how many apps are installed on your smartphone right now?

Digital Diary: Are We Suffering From Mobile App Burnout? [New York Times]


    I have 128 apps installed. I use about 45 of them regularly and about 40 irregularly. The rest are there in case I need them (mainly utility apps) or came pre-installed and I haven't bothered removing them. A few are superfluous but fun, nonetheless :)

    Turns out I am a hoarder. 200 apps installed and I probably use 20 of them regularly.

    I have 33 third-party apps. If I haven't used an app in ages, I delete it.

    Around 50, not including the Apple standard stock. I tend to delete and audit my apps because I'm very narky about messy/cluttered windows - don't like the folders because they just look blah so I try to keep apps in folders to a minimum unless necessary. Even my windows desktop is smick.

      I'm the same, about 50 apps and I dislike the use of folders- I use simi folder widgets with custom icons for a cleaner look.

    About 10, not including built-in or manufacturer apps. All used regularly.

    191 - regular use is around 20-25 of them, the others are more or less for special occasions.

    I have 391 installed at the moment, down from an all time high of 500ish.

    Do i use all of them, no, I probably use 40 of them regularly. I have to delete some more, cause im running out of space on my 32gb iPhone4 (again).

    I'd like to clean out my endless amount of installed apps but before doing that, is there a quick method to figure out which of my installed apps aren't available from the app store anymore?

      They should still be in iTunes on your computer even after deleting them from your phone.

    I'd like to be able to get rid of the crappy ones installed by the telco that don't seem to want to uninstall.

    just checked, 198 downloaded. wow they add up quickly. I can't say I use them all but I try not to have different apps that do the same task.

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