HealthTap Gives You Daily Doctor-Authored Health Tips

HealthTap Gives You Daily Doctor-Authored Health Tips

Web/iOS/Android: HealthTap now lets you subscribe to health topics that interest you to get daily tips and suggestions delivered to your phone or via email. Each of the tips are written by doctors in the fields that pertain to them, straight from HealthTap’s community of physicians.

The new service, called TipTaps, is already available through HealthTap’s website and through its Android app (an update to the iOS app is coming soon.) To subscribe, just visit the site and mark off the subject areas you’re interested in. There are dozens of categories, so you can be as broad as “diet and exercise” or as specific as “healthy cooking” or “back pain”.

You also choose how you whether you want the tips delivered to your phone or by email. From there, you get the tips in the categories you select every day.

The service is already a great social method to connect you with doctors who can offer real, sensible medical advice, but these new tips help you take matters into your own hands and live a healthier lifestyle.



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