Have You Ever Taken A Break From Facebook Or Twitter?

We all know sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a pain, particularly when it comes to privacy. Have you ever taken a break from social media?

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A new survey from the Pew Research Center showed that 61 per cent of current Facebook users had taken a break from the site at one time or another, for a period of several weeks or more. 20 per cent of non-Facebook users said they used to be on the site but quit entirely (something we're a little familiar with ourselves). Reasons varied from being too busy to a lack of interest and even "excessive gossip or drama from their friends".

We know a lot of you don't use the site at all, but for those of you who do, have you ever taken a break? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Coming and Going on Facebook [Pew Internet via New York Times]


    yes and it sucked... I had to meet all this people in real life to 'catch up'.... errrrr

    i tried but the only people i talk to are on FB and live a few thousand Km/s from me

    I got really busy at work about two months ago. Like, "no time for twitter," busy. Things have slowed down but I still haven't gone back. I don't miss it.

    Every year I take a month off Facebook – a kind of annual holiday. For me, it's a good thing to do. I enjoy the break – although there are some long-distance friends who I miss for that period – and I enjoy the return.

    I take (what many of my FB friends know of as) a social media hibernation every 3 to 6 months or so. Length in time varies but it can be anywhere form 2 to 3 weeks to up to 3 months. It gives me time to focus on other activities in life. FB can be too addictive and time consuming. I'd rather LIVE my life in the real world.

    My name is Kendal, it's been 47 days since my last post on FB.

    I have logged on 3 times to see how people are going (one friend has had a baby), but I don't really miss it. FB became a place where I realized I was the most progressive and intelligent person I knew on FB, which left me feeling frustrated at times and alienated at others. Friends of friends thought they could criticize me and make comments about my family (photos and such).

    So I thought "Fuck it - I'm outta here." and I don't miss it one bit. I am now tweeting like a mofo, because this opens you up to a broader pool of people who you can choose from soooo many people. and the format works great for me.

    Yep, Haven't logged on to FB or twitter since December 31st . I intend on returning on 1st of March. Sometimes I miss it more than others, but it's been a refreshing change.

    It's a bit scary how ingrained in life social media has become. I was speaking with friends last night about how good it would be if Facebook just vanished and people would have to find ways to connect more personally like a phonecall or a letter or email, or better yet, in person!

    I think when you run a website or business as well (as we do at http://manofmany.com (shameless plug)) if you're not constantly active on social networks, you end up a bit behind the 8 ball. It's important to constantly engage with your customers, where as good friends on the other hand will understand if you're not always in touch.

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    I walked away from FB couple years ago and I won't bang on that it was liberating or freedom or any of that guff, but I just didn't miss it... so I never went back. I did register another fake account to use ONLY for signing up to services/sites that require a FB account.

    Twitter also i was heavily into contributing content as photo snapper, web clipper and commenter of things eclectic... built a nice little following. Then the real world took over and now I use Twitter purely as a consumer of select information, under a new account created just for that purpose, have never posted from it.

    All in all... I'm comfortable with the way it sits now in my digital existance. I'm not one of those "reformed smokers" who bangs on about how horrible people are who still use FB and Twitter... i simply don't give it any thought (except here in this post... irony noted)

    I ditched facebook in March 2012, haven't been back on it since.
    Sure its a little more difficult to organise events with friends & know whats going on, but I have much more free time now and no more garbage posts being fed into my brain...

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