Harvey Norman $100 Computer Trade-In May Not Be Worth The Effort

Trade-ins: common for cars, less often seen for technology. Right now Harvey Norman is offering $100 off new tablets or computers if you bring in your old machine for trade-in.

The Harvey Norman deal is running until February 18, and only applies to computers or tablets which cost more than $499 and which are purchased in store or ordered online for in-store pick-up. The old computer will be sent to an e-waste recycling facility, which if nothing else saves trying to locate one yourself.

Clearly, this deal makes more sense if you're trading in a non-functional machine; if your device still works, then you may be able to on-sell it for more than $100 anyway. It's also worth bearing in mind that Harvey Norman is often an expensive choice and that its customer service is rarely impressive. The choice is yours.

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    Surprised that Harvey Norman is still alive.

      Harvey Norman is for a lot of people, the go-to place, because they sell computers and are a big retail chain. Officeworks sells computers too (and are my second choice for purchases, right after direct from the manufacturer) but they come off as more of a business place, not a "hey, we sell furniture and vacuum cleaners too" sort of store.

      Plus some people just want to buy computers, regardless of cost because price matching is "too much work" or the places they search are in the same league as HN. Personally, I don't buy from there, not since the guy told me he was looking to buy a $1,700 computer in order to get a $600 low-end DSLR (as part of flexi-rent). Wound up buying the computer straight from dell for roughly $1,100 anyway)

    Gerry just wants me to part from my Leisure Computer.

      I see what you did there.

    You're not going to find anywhere in Australia selling an iPad 4 16GB for $439. For Apple products where you have zero wiggle room with price, it's a fantastic deal. My friend's nephew is going into high school and they are requiring all students to have an iPad 4, so could be useful to lots of parents at the moment.

    "Hey! offload ya shit so we can offload our shit", said Mr Norman.

    Harvey Norman is a franchise operation. Comments like "customer service is rarely impressive." is rather a generalisation and more indicative of that businesses owner than the stores in general.

    In terms of price... They are probably the most likely to beat any printed deal you bring in and sometimes more to sweeten the deal. They, like all sales people have targets to meet each and every month, and on top of that they get commissions and rewards.

    Know what YOU want, don't be driven by the sales person. Be kind and friendly. Take in research of better prices and you would be quite amazed what you can get from a decent Harvey Norman store.

    If you are in Melbourne I have had great success with the Richmond stores, That franchisee used to a be the other upmarket chain the absorbed, Billy Gyats?, anyway, I have bought many things there now. Always cheaper than anyone after a little haggling and with some of the best after sales support I have ever seen.

    No, I do not work for them. Just a very happy customer.

    Harvey Norman is shithouse. Way too expensive. Same with Joyce Mayne (also owned by Gerry Harvey) . For pc's stick to online. I highly recommend LENOVO

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