Groove Music Player Builds Custom Mixes, Helps You Rediscover Music

Windows 8: Groove Music Player for Windows 8 and Windows RT is a full-featured music player that learns your listening habits. We last mentioned Groove when it launched for iOS, and the features that made the iOS version so great are also available in Windows 8.

Groove downloads missing artwork, photos and bios for you automatically (all from, and it can create an instant mix of songs by analysing your current library and how frequently you listen to similar songs. When Groove makes those mixes, it searches your entire library and you can choose to toss in a few tracks that you may have forgotten about. It's also a fully featured Windows 8 app, so you can use it full-screen, minimise it, or snap it to the side as a mini player.

Groove is available now in the Windows Store for $3.99. If you're not sure if it's right for you, the Windows Store lets you download and try apps for free before committing to buy them.

Groove: Smart Music Player [Windows Store via Groove Music Player Blog]


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