Grab Fantastical And 1Password For Mac For 50% Off

Mac: Slick, intelligent calendar tool Fantastical is normally a bit pricey at $21, but it's currently on sale for $10.49, and one of our favourite password managers, 1Password, is also discounted to $26.

The Fantastical sale is good until February 14 (there's an iPhone version available for $5.49). The 50 per cent off sale on 1Password has no definitive deadline, though it says it's for the Mac App Store Productivity sale, so it too may end on Valentine's Day.

Both apps are well loved for their rich features and usability. Fantastical lets you create events from the menu bar using natural language, while 1Password securely stores all your passwords, credit cards and notes. If the hefty prices kept you away before, now is the time to give them a shot.

Fantastical [iTunes App Store] 1Password [iTunes App Store]


    Is there an advantage to having a password manager over Keychain? Mac noob here after 25 years using Windows OS I made the switch over, but unsure what the different is between this and Keychain? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!

      1Password works consistently over multiple browsers and multiple logins for a single site.

      It also stores other stuff and has a more aggressive auto-fill than the default Safari one.

      On the downside, I haven't worked out how to have it automatically populate forms on page load without me doing anything, so in some cases it is a little slower to log in...

        Thank you for your reply. I am using Chrome and between Keychain and Autofill within Chrome, I'm not sure if 1Password may be worth the money then I guess. May have to do a little more research :)
        Thanks again!

          SplashData's SplashID Safe is worth the money in comparison charts. It equally offers compatibility features of expensive popular brands. Update support is well-established with this long-existing security software and they offer specialized versions for unique business and personal needs.

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