Get More Out Of Apple's Default Mail App For Mac

The default Mail app that comes stock with Mountain Lion is a big step up from earlier versions, but it still has room to improve. Mac Appstorm has put together a guide for getting more out of Mail, including ways to make it more simple and set up a more efficient workflow.

While the crux of this system relies on organising your email with smart inboxes, it also utilises a custom layout that makes Mail easier to use. This includes using the new basic layout, showing the favourites bar instead of the side bar (View > "Show Favorites Bar"), and using Gmail-style conversations (View > "Organize by Conversation").

The end result is a lot more in line with the likes of our favourite email clients, Sparrow and Postbox. If you're a big fan of Mail, or you just don't want to pay for an email app, head over to Mac Appstorm for the full guide on making Mail work better for you.

Turning Into the Best Mac Email App [Mac Appstorm]


    However, since the Mountain Lion upgrade, there is a major flaw in Mail. If you have several email addresses and you filter your mail with rules as I do, then rather than Mail letting you reply with the email address the sender sent the message to you with, Mail forces all replies to use a default email. This is a major irritation and has forced me to use Postbox. It only happens if you filter your email ie you move email out of your inbox and into a folder. There is a discussion about it here.

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