From The Tips Box: Better Blog Reading, Setting Clocks Early

Readers offer their best tips for sorting RSS feeds, setting clocks to avoid being late and supercharging image searches with Dropbox.

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Automatically Send Posts To Read-Later Services

Geekgirlbarbie shares a tip for for dealing with RSS feeds:

Problem: There are a few sites where I KNOW I'm going to read any article that comes through. Even using the Google Reader starred to Readability formula still has those articles cluttering up my feed reader and requires an extra step.

Solution: If those blogs have between 1 and 10 posts a day (that is, not too many), I set up an IFTTT recipe to have their RSS feed go straight into Readability.

Set Your Home To Different "Time Zones"

Some people set their clocks a little early so they aren't late. Matt Hayes takes it a step further by setting up "time zones" in his house:

To help punctuality I set clocks in different parts of the house with different times. I start in the bedroom, where they are typically set around 15 minutes fast. Then, the bathroom is about 10 minutes fast and the car is about 5 minutes fast.

This creates the most pressure to get moving the further I am from leaving — a little bonus kick in the booty.

I never really understood the "setting clocks early" thing, but if that works for you, this is a good extension of that idea. Photo by Harri Li.

Use Dropbox For Quick Reverse Image Searches

Moon combines two tools to find better versions of his favourite images:

I'm always looking for higher quality pics than the ones I already have. I'll upload an image to the Public folder in Dropbox, copy its URL, and paste that into Google Images, and do a search.

Often I get what I want. If not the same image in multiple sizes, then similar ones further down the results list.


    Everyone I know who sets their clocks early, is late. Set it early and you spend your time doing the maths to work out the real time instead of going to wherever you're meant to be.

      The problem is that you eventually acclimatise to the time difference. for the system to keep working, you have to set it further and further ahead.

      You could automate this pretty easily on any computer (say, a script that adds 5 minutes per week based off a start date) but you'll start to have serious issues once you're an hour or two out of sync with the rest of the world.

    My parents intentionally set their clocks 15 or so minutes fast in the living room/visible spaces. It wasn't for them to get to things on time, it was there so that people would look at it and say "oh, is that the time, I better get going" and leave that little bit earlier.
    It wasn't as though they didn't like people dropping in, it was more the constant nature of people doing so. It was an easy way for them to have people visit, and also have the time do to the things they needed to do.

      It's an interesting point. Your story also kind of implies that the people who overstay also don't own watches of their own haha

    Dropbox reverse image search seems unnecessary. Just drag your image directly into the Google Image search box.

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