Fix Those Internet Annoyances This Weekend

The internet is loaded with useful tools and information, but annoyances often strew the online path. With some clever tricks and helpful tools you can eliminate many of the hassles. Get your internet experience in top form this weekend with these simple fixes.

Make Specific Websites Suck Less

There are many ways to fix problems with individual sites. Social Fixer makes Facebook infinitely better and requires very little configuration. A handful of browser extensions can significantly improve YouTube so you don't need to suffer annoying comments or constant pop-up notes on videos. Gmelius soups up Gmail so you don't have to look at ads and can add missing features. Userscripts and user styles can make any annoying web site feature go away or just look nicer. With a little know-how, you can customise most sites to meet your exact requirements. Gmail, in particular, has some really great options.

View Region-Restricted Content

Sites that stream video block you from accessing their content unless you're in a particular country. Hulu doesn't work outside the United States, the BBC's iPlayer is UK-only, and Aussies can't catch up with iView when they head overseas. You can solve this problem with Hola Unblocker and stream to your heart's content. For an even wider range of choices, try the TunnelBear VPN software.


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